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Our Business

Retail Banking

TBC Bank is a market leader in retail loans and retail deposits as at 31 March 2017.The retail segment represents 58.4% of the total deposit portfolio and 51.0% of the total loan portfolio, making it the Group’s largest segment in terms of both deposits and loans. We offer a full range of products to our retail customers, account and deposit products through our cutting-edge multichannel platform and a comprehensive distribution network, with special products and services offered to affluent and high net worth clients. We serve c. 2.2 million retail customers.



By 31 March 2017, the Group’s retail loan portfolio reached GEL 3,630 million with the market share for individuals at 41.8% (31.4% without Bank Republic). At the same time, our market share in deposits of individuals stood at 40.1% (37.0% without Bank Republic).


Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking is a traditionally strong area of the Bank representing 27.0% of TBC’s total loan portfolio and 28.5% of the total deposits portfolio. We serve c.2400 corporate clients in Georgia, offering diverse lending,  card and deposit products (including syndicated lending), foreign exchange operations, hedging, trade and project finance products (including factoring), escrow services, cash collection, insurance packages (through GPI Holding, a partner insurance company), leasing (through TBC Leasing) and brokerage and research services (through its brokerage and corporate advisory arm, TBC Capital).


As at 31 March 2017, market shares for legal entity loans and deposits stood at 33.4% (29.1% without Bank Republic) and 34.5% (29.0% without Bank Republic), respectively.

MSME Banking

MSME banking accounted for 22.0% and 13.1% of TBC’s total loans and total deposits portfolios, respectively. This segment offers various types of loan and deposit products tailored to client needs. As at 31 March, we served approximately 100,579 micro banking customers in Georgia. TBC Bank remains the only bank to offer important education and value-added services to MSME businesses through its Business Support Program.


NBG market share figure for the Corporate segment includes TBC Bank’s Corporate and MSME banking segments.




Last updated on 22 May 2017.