TBC Bank Group
Holding Company of JSC TBC Bank

Distribution Channels


Our distribution platform comprises 167 branches (including those of TBC Kredit and Bank Republic), 512 ATMs and 13,290 POS terminals (13,220 of which have contactless payment capabilities), 2,518 cash-in terminals (TBC Pay and TBC Bank Branches), internet banking, call centre, and mobile banking. TBC Bank has continued to differentiate itself through customer-friendly and high quality branch design, providing superior customer experience to the Bank’s customers. Following Bank Constanta’s merger into TBC Bank, TBC rebranded all existing Bank Constanta branches under a TBC brand and upgraded the suite of products offered at those branches, which significantly increased the geographic scope of TBC’s retail banking offerings.



TBC Bank continues to enhance its innovative multichannel capabilities, a clear competitive advantages for the Bank as proven by our multiple awards throughout past years. In 2015, TBC Bank received awards in several categories for the Best Consumer & Corporate Internet Bank in Georgia in Central & Eastern Europe from Global Finance magazine.



TBC Branch Network Map is available in the TBC at a Glance section.


Branch efficiency 

We have been constantly working on optimizing our branch network and increasing efficiency in branches through high quality service and customer-centric branch design. We maintain one of the best branch productivity indicators among peers in the market by standardizing our services, monitoring customer relations and evaluating their quality, and making constant improvements to satisfy and retain our large client base.


In 2015, TBC launched a redesigned branch concept to further improve its customer experience offering. The new design, which reflects TBC’s welcoming, user-friendly and transparent approach to banking, was developed in partnership with Allen International, a strategic design consultant focused on financial services.



The re-designed branches leverage TBC’s strength in multichannel banking and feature the Bank’s popular advance e-banking tools and technology. The design is intended to minimize physical and psychological barriers between TBC Bank and its customers, thus creating a unique, customercentric layout. The new concept was developed specifically for TBC as a result of comprehensive tailored studies of the TBC’s existing branches and its clients’ needs and aspirations.



In order to further enhance customer experience, TBC’s aims to transform the branch-based, traditional banking experience into a modern, automated, omni-channel, 24/7 banking service and offer a new wave of digital banking services in Georgia. Currently, TBC Bank has been leading the market in internet and mobile banking for several years. Our multichannel platform allows our customers to complete a majority of banking transactions from remote channels in the fastest and the most convenient way possible. TBC Bank’s internet and mobile banking provide a wide range of advanced features that are in line with global trends, leading the Georgian market in banking innovation. 


All banking services are integrated into the multichannel platform, giving customers the 360 degree view of their accounts, with the functionality to manage their money easily anytime, from anywhere and with any device with a single log-in The Bank’s multichannel platform is based on the following strategic pillars:

• Creating superior user experience through state-of-the-art, simple and intuitive designs that help to increase the value and comfort of TBC’s e-banking services.

• Using Mobile First implementation model to cater to TBC’s niche mobile-centric customer segment.

• Aiming to continually develop service offerings that generate solutions to TBC’s customer needs. TBC was the first organisation in Georgia to introduce fully native iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry banking applications and person-to-person transfers through mobile and internet banking using client mobile numbers as identifiers instead of IBAN.

• Focusing on security and stability to preserve TBC’s trustworthiness and reliability.

• Integrating the Bank’s market-first advance CRM to customise and tailor digital offerings and services to customers. In 2015, TBC introduced a pre-approved loan feature in internet banking that allows certain customers to receive loans online in a matter of minutes.


Since 2013, TBC Bank has succeeded in migrating its existing customers and attracting new customers and transactions to internet banking. In Q1 2017, (85.5%. without ATM – 77.4% )1  of the Bank’s total transactions were conducted through remote channels.



The quality of the TBC’s digital experience has also been reinforced by highly positive user feedback, such as the five-star ratings that TBC’s iPhone & Android mobile banking applications maintain on App Store and Google Play. By the end of Q1 2017, the number of active Internet Bank users2 only reached 238,365 and the number of active Mobile Banking users reached 218,613,which is the largest digital banking customer base in Georgia.





31 March 2017




Number of active Internet Banking or Mobile Banking users





Number of active Mobile Banking users*






* The number includes active Mobile Banking users, who may also visit Internet Banking


Other Channels

Apart from branches and digital channels, TBC bank operates one of the largest networks of ATMs, POS terminals, call centre and cash-in terminals (TBC Pay). TBC Pay Mini Branches (cash-in terminals) are located within TBC Bank branches, at shopping centres, retail chains and other locations throughout Georgia. Cash-in terminals allow clients to perform various transactions remotely, such as paying loans, utility bills, car parking fees and parking fines, mobile and internet bills through these terminals. TBC has recently introduced payments by cards through these terminals. TBC Pay terminals help further increase retail penetration, as the Bank is able to serve clients at their preferred locations while offloading day-today transactions from traditional branches.



At the beginning of 2016, TBC introduced a new mobile payment service (mPOS) for Georgian merchants, which was primarily created for merchants lacking access to the relevant infrastructure, or sufficient revenue, to use traditional point of sale (POS) services. This new mobile payment service allows a greater number of merchants to accept digital payments, and is intended to improve the consumer’s shopping experience, as paying with mPOS is faster than paying in cash and waiting for change. The consumer can simply tap their contactless card in front of a secure reader to make quick and low value purchases.





1The percentage for remote channel transactions and numbers of Internet and Mobile Banking users are calculated based on TBC Bank standalone data.

2We changed the definition of active IB users in 2013. Currently, clients who have accessed internet banking at least once over the last three months are counted as active users, in line with the number used in our latest Annual Report. 



Last updated on 22 May 2017.