TBC Bank Group
Holding Company of JSC TBC Bank

Board of Directors


The role of the Board is to provide entrepreneurial leadership of the Group within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enables risks to be assessed and managed. The Board is collectively responsible for the long term success of the Group and delivery of sustainable value to shareholders.
The board has the appropriate balance of skills, experience, independence and knowledge of the Group to enable them to discharge their respective duties and responsibilities effectively.  
The Board consists of nine directors, consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, CEO, CFO, four Non-Executive Independent Directors and one Senior Non-Executive Independent Director.  
The key matters reserved for the Board include:
- Responsibility for the overall management of the Group and oversight of the Group’s operations;
- Approval of the Group’s long-term objectives and commercial and investment strategy;
- Approval of the annual operating and capital expenditure budgets and any material changes to them; 
- Monitoring of the performance in light of the Group’s strategy, objectives, business plans and budgets;
- Extension into new business and geographic areas;
- Any decision to cease the Group’s operations.

Division of Responsibilities

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Matters reserved for the board 

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Last updated on 10 August 2016.