TBC Bank Group
Holding Company of JSC TBC Bank

Our Business Model and Strategy


Our mission is to create new opportunities that will enable people and businesses to succeed.



Our vision is to be the best digital financial services company in the region1.


TBC Bank’s overall strategy is designed to deliver sustainable, long-term growth and profitability without compromising asset quality. In 2016, following the acquisition of Bank Republic, our priorities have evolved in line with our updated vision of being the best digital financial services company in the region1.This means taking full advantage of our strengths and opportunities to fulfil our strategic goals and achieve a step change in how we operate and deliver products and services.


Strategic initiatives

To continue leveraging our strengths and to realise our mission, the following strategic initiatives have been devised for the medium term:


Deepen relationships with customers

Our retail customer base of 1.7 million people represents around half of the population of Georgia. We use our strong analytical capabilities to successfully market products to them, while developing new services to respond to client needs. The size and diverse nature of our customer base also provide a high degree of stability, as we serve people of all incomes and companies of all sizes. The acquisition of Bank Republic has also created significant new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. As such, our focus will be exploiting our innovative products, deepening relationships with new and existing clients and creating new products and value-added services, including bancassurance, brokerage and consulting services. 


Our medium term targets here are to increase the product-to-customer ratio for the retail segment by more than 15%, from the current 3.7, and increase total non-interest income by 15-20%. In parallel, we will seek to expand our total loan book at 15-20% annually maintaining our leadership across all key segments and products.


Further enhance multichannel capabilities

Our main strategic initiative in this area will be to exploit our advanced digital capabilities and further strengthen sales through all remote channels, especially mobile banking.In addition, we aim to introduce new

innovative channels and processes including Chat Bot technology to complement traditional chat, a mobile wallet for contactless payments, and video chat for TBC Status clients in the mobile banking application. We will also continue educating customers to increase internet and mobile banking penetration further.


Our medium-term targets here are:

• To further offload branch transactions into remote channels, increasing the retail transaction offloading ratio to over 90%, up from the current 84%

• To increase the penetration ratio of internet or mobile banking users among active clients to over 45%, from the current level of  37%

• To boost the mobile banking penetration ratio to over 35%, from the current level of 24%

• To enhance our product offering through the mobile banking platform by adding all major products, including the issuance of  credit cards, debit cards and deposits


Further improve customer experience     

According to various surveys conducted by external research agencies, we lead the market in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our net promoter score (NPS, a widely used metric for measuring customer loyalty) is the highest not only within the banking sector, but also across other industries. Nevertheless, we are committed to continually improving our customer experience to further strengthen our leading position.


In 2017, we will focus on several objectives including:

• Streamline processes to make it easier for customers to do business with us

• Ensure a consistent customer experience in newly acquired entities (Bank Republic and TBC Insurance, former Kopenbur)


• Upgrade service skills of front-of-house employees to enable them to handle challenging situations more productively


Increase operational efficiency and automation

In line with our lean Banking model and our vision of becoming the best digital financial services company in the region1, we are aiming to continue modernising and automating programmes and processes. In 2017, we plan to enhance key systems to strengthen our analytical and digital capabilities and also boost employee productivity by improving the interoperability and flexibility of certain components of core banking systems. In addition, we plan to introduce new tools and capabilities for businesses in order to achieve a higher level of automatization and to assist them with conducting more in-depth analysis and sophisticated forecasts. In parallel, we will focus on increasing straight-through processes for our most important areas. 


1 Region in this context comprises Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia