TBC Bank Group PLC ("TBC PLC") is a public limited company registered in England and Wales. TBC PLC is the parent company of JSC TBC Bank ("TBC Bank") and a group of companies that principally operate in Georgia in the financial sector and other closely related fields. TBC PLC has also expanded its operations in Uzbekistan since 2019.

Our approach to tax risk management

TBC is committed to complying with all applicable tax laws in all jurisdictions where TBC Group operates, including in the UK. In particular, we aim to pay the correct amount of tax within applicable time limits.

Our objectives are built around the following key principles:

  • transparency;
  • responsibility; and
  • effective interaction with tax authorities.

We ensure that the management of tax risk and proper governance around our tax operations is supported by appropriately trained personnel who have clear responsibilities to identify, analyse, assess and manage tax risks.

TBC has robust tax risk management procedures in place which include risk review processes, internal assurances and, where necessary, discussions with tax authorities and/or consultations with reputable external advisors.

For more details, please view our tax strategy.