Our goal is to become the largest digital ecosystem in the country and an indispensable part of people’s daily lives by providing a seamless customer experience.

Why ecosystems?

Q2 2023 Highlights


GEL 53 mln 

+89% YoY growth

Number of transactions

4.2 mln

+40% YoY growth

Number of listings

3.8 mln

+6% YoY growth

Our ecosystems

TNET was established in early 2022 by merging individual digital ecosystem companies into one entity.

Creating TNET allowed us to set up a centralised data hub with a large customer base and will enable us to:

  • Ensure monetisation through net fee and commission income;
  • Create leads;
  • Strengthen customer loyalty & lock-in and;
  • Increase customer engagement.
tnet.png tnet.png

1 Source: Similarweb, market shares are calculated based on number of unique visitors as of 30 June 2022